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Dating advice for men such as tips on approaching women, date ideas, online dating, singles travel, matchmaking services, international dating, and insights on cultural dating in different parts of the world, including tons of other dating tips for men will be covered!

For exciting International Dating Live events bookmark and follow this page each week to view our webcasts on how you can meet and develop a long term relationship with a foreign woman. The webcast features our international dating experts and foreign matchmaking specialists, whom have helped thousands of good guys find love abroad.

You are encouraged to call-in, text or email your questions to our hosts during the live webcast. Make sure to pay attention as our experts discuss key dating topics important to best utilizing your international dating experience.

Welcome to A Foreign Affair's International Dating Webcast Page!

Our live video international dating webcast, "A Foreign Affair LIVE", was born out of a desire to bring our current, future and even past clients a wealth of useful and interesting information about our international matchmaking services and the very real OPPORTUNITY we provide that can change their lives forever.

This dating webcast is much more than just a dating blog. Unlike a typical dating blog which can be diluted in many cases with irrelevant information and only written text. This webcast provides single men with valuable information and data from reputable dating experts and matchmakers that has been proven to work, with video to show the tips and strategies being put into action. The added benefit of allowing you to interact with the hosts provides an abundance of opportunity to ask any dating questions you may have.

Watching these live video shows you will be introduced to a wide variety of featured dating topics and will hear from a host of guests that include our expert international matchmakers, past clients, AFA staff from around the world, women who are or have participated in our service and others who can provide different and interesting perspectives on the featured topics. Best of all, YOU can participate too! LIVE!

Don't miss our live show! BUT, if you do, don't worry! We record and archive every show for you to view anytime in our International Dating Webcast Archive. It's truly a wealth of information to help you successfully navigate through the most important adventure of your life. The wonderful opportunity of A Foreign Affair is here to help you find your perfect match.

Our Featured Dating Experts

John Adams

John Adams - The president of AFA, as well as one of the most prominent and respected names in the dating industry today, with over 25 years of matchmaking experience. John has led over 100 singles-tours and has hosted well over 450 Socials, affording 1000’s of singles the opportunity to find their perfect match. In fact, John met his beautiful Russian wife Tanya in 1996 on an AFA Singles Tour in St. Petersburg, Russia

Anna Matchmaker

Anna - Our International Singles Clubs manager has hosted a variety of Ukrainian Group Tours and has been working with AFA for over a decade, helping thousands of single men and women throughout the world find love and long term marriages. Anna is originally from Volgograd, Russia and has been living in the US since she was a college exchange student in California, and obtained a Master’s Degree in international affairs and foreign relations. Anna’s hobbies include kickboxing, traveling, and watching the Minnesota Vikings.

Maria Boettcher

Maria B. - Our Colombian Regional Manager and one of our top matchmakers in the world, Maria has been introducing men to single women since 2016, and has even been nominated by I-Date as a top matchmaker in the dating industry. Maria speaks English, German, and Spanish, and loves the sea, the sun, animals, and nature. An intact nature and satisfied animals make her happy, as well as slow and conscious traveling, learning new things, and having the possibility of evolving constantly.

Dina Matchmaker

Dina - When it comes to expertise about communication with foreign women, whether being face to face or online dating, Dina knows it all! Dina has been working with AFA since 2010, providing dating tips for men on communicating with women and how to build a long term relationship that is culturally diverse. Dina met her husband AJ in 2006 through an AFA individual introduction in St. Petersburg, Russia and the couple now have two beautiful children. Dina’s hobbies include leisure with family, shopping, and adventures.

Joe Matchmaker

Joe - One of our most experienced tour leaders in the company. Joe has been conducting AFA group tours since 2012 and has assisted thousands of single men and women throughout the years, providing him unparalleled knowledge on the most effective strategies when it comes to dating internationally. Joe provides insight on dating topics like approaching women, date ideas, culture differences, and more! Joe’s hobbies include working out, DIY Projects, shooting, and traveling.

Ronna Matchmaker

Ronna - If you have any questions regarding the Philippines, Ronna will be there to answer them! Ronna’s fun loving personality hosts the Wednesday night webcasts every other week and covers a plethora of topics regarding traveling to the Philippines and dating Filipino women. Pay attention closely, as Ronna is well known by our clients as an extremely resourceful matchmaker. Ronna met her husband Rob through AFA and the two have been happily married since 2017, living in Arizona with their two amazing kids and dog. Ronna’s hobbies include kickboxing, karaoke, outdoors activities, and spending time with her family.

Client Recommended Media

A Foreign Affair have been featured on popular media such as MTV, Montel Williams, Maury Povich, 60 minutes, Tyra Banks, also featured in Time, Maxim, Harpers, The Washington Post, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and many more.

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